Visit to San Antonio and Country Gatherings

We are back from our short visit to San Antonio and the Hill Country. One of our first stops was Tricia Travis' rug hooking barn, Country Gatherings. Her place is something to experience! It is housed in an old barn on a wonderful antique village property called Bracken Village. She has a nice selection of hand-dyed wools downstairs in one of the front rooms of the shop. But the real treat is upstairs. The entire hayloft is filled with shelves and shelves of imported wools from the UK. Here I am pulling a bunch of light-colored wools for over dyeing projects I have in mind.

I highly recommend making the drive to Tricia's barn and checking out her hayloft of wool. She also gives classes, so if you live near her, her classes are something to take advantage of.

My sister (left) and I (right) had a great time going through the wools and visiting with Tricia (center).

Tricia has agreed to be a featured Rug Rap teacher on Red Jack Rugs soon. So watch for that interview to come.