I need a rug stand and frame

I treated myself yesterday. Instead of doing research and writing in my office I gave myself the day off and headed over to the Stash Sisters' Thursday meeting which is held at a member's home. It was lovely. I worked on Scare-Jack who is now becoming more endearing, and got to see the fantastic progress that the women are making on their Fanciful Flower Sampler totes-packs.

I spent the day test driving a couple of hooking stands and frames. I'm still trying to find one that will work with my POANG chair from IKEA (which is a terrific hooking chair because it gets the weight off the pelvis bones so you aren't leaning forward). The chair sits me back, so I need to be able to pull the frame over my lap, tilt it, and swivel it. The key for me is that the stand is adjustable so that it can bend and be pulled toward me over my lap. It also needs some height adjustability.

One that I tested yesterday and appears to work now that I have brought it home (on loan from Sylvia - many thanks!) is made by Keith Small of Quilters Woodworks. This is a picture of it from his website. It is the center frame.

I am also looking at one made by Don Ellis of Deerwood Woodworks which appears to be another stand and frame that will work for me, but I haven't been able to see it in person or try it out. Here is a picture of it from his website.

If any of you have any reviews or information about either of these frames and stands, I would appreciate your insights before investing. Or if you have other suggestions for me, I would love to hear from you either in the comments on this blog or by e-mail, adeconick@rice.edu.