Our numbers are growing everyday. Tell a friend about the challenge today. Let's get our community rug hooking daily and creating those rugs we are always talking about! A little at a time goes a long way!

Every Monday I'll devote a post to the TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKING CHALLENGE NEWS AND VIEWS. Leave a progress report in the comments or post about your progress on your own blog and leave a link to it here. OR put your comments anytime, day or night, into the comment box in the sidebar labeled FORUM FOR TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKING CHALLENGE .

So far I have tracked these initial blog reports:

On Momz Wool, Corinne Burke posts: "10 Minutes I think I can do that, I have been a little bummed out this month and maybe just maybe this will help me. I'm thinking about doing my 10 minutes on my lunch hour as I have 3 partially done rugs in the closet. Out of sight out of mind they say."

Julie on hOOkwOrM writes: "I think that April's ten minute challenge has opened up a new meaning for me and not just for rug hooking. Little bites! Instead of seeing how much of the garden has to be weeded, last night, I concentrated on doing one tier of the rock garden. My ten minute sound bite! And I was able to complete the first tier and half of the second one. Then, a few minutes of my rug hooking until P arrived home after cod fishing. Who would have thought?"

Brenda on Kinship in Color and Wool says: "Yesterday I joined the Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge - Started by April DeConick of Red Jack Rugs - here.... I did my first 10 minutes yesterday at about 9:15 pm. I was tired and I still hadn't hooked. So I made myself hook! yeah me! It was also a challenge for me to get that badge put on this blog (on the right) -- I am proud of myself for that as well. Next I want to put a banner I made for this blog up at the top - but I don't know how... woooh! this is a lot of change and challenges for this 48 year old woman!"

Join the fun. Become a TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKER today!