Running out of wool

It took a year to hook The Hidden Stone from May 1995 to May 1996. One of my panic memories of creating this rug was running out of the background material. I had over-dyed a bunch of gray wool with Cushings Wine in order to have enough of the same wool to hook the background. Then I ran out of the dyed wool!

Since this was my first time dyeing, I didn't know that I should keep track of what I had originally done just in case I ran out. So when I over-dyed another coat, of course it came out different. When I tried to hook it into the rug, it looked like a different block. What was I to do?

I decided that I needed to make it look like I had meant the rug to have two different fabrics for the background. So I pulled out strips from the area I had already hooked, rehooked them in the unfinished area, and hooked into the old spot a strip from the second dye batch. In this way I created a mottled background that not only works, but adds real interest to what would have been a fairly flat looking background.