Even good ideas often don't work

Unfortunately the button eyes did not work for Scare-Jack. When I put them on, they overpowered his face and the rug. They were all I noticed about the rug. So I took them off and reassessed.

Since I am trying for an embellished fun stand up piece here, I have now tried appliqued eyes. Do these work?

As for the shape, I had originally planned to run a line around the piece roughly shadowing the elements. But as I started to do this, I was not in love with it and kept wanting to put the rug away and not finish it.

Then my friend Lurie (and fellow TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKER) gave me a fantastic idea for the final shape of the piece. At the last Stash Sisters guild meeting, she suggested a tombstone shape. What a great idea! Since I want it for a stand up, and to finish it like a pillow, a tombstone shape it is!