How did you do? TEN-MINUTE CHALLENGE Roundup for Monday, August 17

This week, there are fifty of there has to be a lot of hooking progress going on. If you wish to share your progress, leave a little update in the comments, or a link to a blog post (if you have a blog) where you discuss what is happening in your world with this challenge.

The Blog Frog Forum box, in the sidebar, is another place where you can leave a picture and some words anytime.

But perhaps the best place to get involved with the challenge discussion is over on Rug Hooking Daily where I created a group forum for all TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKERS.

Some people have asked me why we are on Rug Hooking Daily and not The Welcome Mat because a number of us already had individual pages on TWM. The simple reason is that The Welcome Mat does not allow us to create a 10-minute challenge group. TWM largely is an internet classroom with groups that aim to help with creativity and rug hooking. Group formation has been restricted to those created by the network's teacher, Wanda Kerr, as far as I can tell. So we can't just click a button and form our own group.

Rug Hooking Daily is a different kind of rug hooking network. It is organized in such a way that the members of the network are the ones who create and run the groups. It is not a virtual classroom. Rather it is a social network and rug hooking resource, encouraging people to link up via blogs and websites, and form their own meaningful groups and discussions.

Joining is quite simple. Just pop over to the main page of RHD and sign in. Click the Groups tab, and then click the 10-minute rug hookers. We have a great conversation going over there already!