This marks week one of the TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKING CHALLENGE. The thirty rug hookers who have taken on this challenge so far can be found listed in the sidebar. Together we are going to show how "a little a day goes a long way"! Watch the sidebar as more and more people join everyday. Joining the challenge is open and ongoing. You are your own log keeper. Tell a friend about it.

Elinor Barrett Laura Bradley Lisa Brandt Brenda Beerhorst Tammy Burks April DeConick TIFFANY DeCONICK Linda deFreese Sheri DeMate Margaret Felix Linda Fernandes Lauren Fuqua LOIS D. GIFFITH Sondra Ives Denise Jere Kim Jones Phyllis Lindblad Debra Lloyd Anne Lynch Kimberly Maggion Lurie McAdow Maureen McIlwain K.J. McLean Louise B. Mercer JULIE MOSGROVE Jeni Nunnally Martha Reynolds Laura Schnelker Betsey Sennott Dulcy Stewart

Every monday I will put up a post like this one, where you can share the progress you are making. If you wish, just leave your report or your question in the comments to the post. There is also the FORUM FOR TEN-MINUTE RUG HOOKING CHALLENGE box in my sidebar where you can leave a comment anytime. Thanks to Sondra Ives for starting us off there. If you have your own blog and put up your own post there about your progress, just leave a link to it in the comments to the monday post. By the way, creating a blog is EASY and a fun way to journal. I use Blogger and all you have to do is click a button and your blog is ready to go.

If you have a picture you want to share and don't have your own blog to post it, I guess the easiest thing to do is send it directly to me via email ( and I'll add it to the monday post directly.

Here are a couple more blog posts I tracked regarding the challenge:

What did I do this week? I dyed wool two days, I hooked quite a bit of background around Scare-Jack, I hooked two black birds with yarn, I made clay eyes for Scare-Jack, and I hooked a leaf.