Heidi Wulfraat on Rug Hooking Daily has just announced the launch of an INTERNET RUG CAMP on RHD. I seriously think that this INTERNET RUG CAMP may change the face of rug hooking, making instruction and projects more accessible for people who cannot attend on-site rug camps. The last time I looked there were already three rug camp classes posted, including Phyllis' MERIT PROGRAM (Hooray!), a sketchbook class with Heidi (Hooray!), and a palette dyeing group that I will facilitate. I think that more are to come very shortly.

Heidi lays down the ground rules as follows:

  • All of our "camp leaders" will be facilitating projects, challenges, or instruction with the intent to share their skills and the love of rug hooking with others.
  • Activities within the RHD "camp" will be free of charge.
  • In other words, Rug Hooking Daily will not form any profit in association with Rug Camp.
  • there cannot be a fee to join a camp group.
  • members of RHD are welcome to join any or all CAMP ACTIVITIES which can be found in the GROUPS section of RHD
  • Please remember that camp projects are meant to feature our facilitators. These folks are working voluntarily, for your enjoyment so be kind and supportive. Check them out on-Line. Get to know them.
  • Facilitators can agree to check in on a class / activity once a month, daily , etc.....
  • The aim of "Camp" is simply to encourage and to spark the imagination and creativity of the entire community.

  • Check out the camp groups that are already forming and consider joining those that inspire you. If you are interested in leading a camp workshop or other such activity, contact Heidi on RHD or e-mail her ( Here is the link to sign in to Rug Hooking Daily if you haven't already but would like to join the 1360 rug hookers who belong to the network. It's a great way to share your rugs with others, meet new friends world-wide who love rug hooking, and participate in instructional and motivational groups and challenges.

    Can you tell that I'm excited?!