What am I going to do with this?

It is a polar fleece blanket. It is not from my son's room, but a panel I just bought from the fabric store. And I couldn't be more delighted. Look at those oranges and reds and the mottled black!

What will it become? This panel is going to be used to hook part of my alternative rug for Phyllis' MERIT PROGRAM on Rug Hooking Daily. I decided to incorporate the different mat requirements into one bigger sampler rug, and the polar fleece I just bought is my inspiration for the colors of the entire piece. One of the blocks will be hooked with polar fleece, another with t-shirt material, another with non-wool yarn, and so forth. The sheep will be the only wool in the rug - I will use roving and carded fleece for him. The result is my rug hooking sampler which I'm calling (tongue in check) "GOT WOOL?"

Here is the pattern I laid out with no border yet. I'll put that on after I hook the rest of the rug and figure out what the rug needs.

Here's to Phyllis for setting up a fun and challenging program!