Others have had better success with tee-shirt material

Update on differing opinions

I want to bring forward to the main page some comments left to my post on my failure to be able to hook with tee-shirts. Other women tell me that they have had success with hooking tee-shirts.

Phyllis writes: "I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the t-shirts. It may be that your bargain t-shirts were just made from an unusual fabric. Most t-shirts I've used will tear easily once you start at the hem. I always try to buy the ones made without seams so I can tear around and around - I get one long piece like yarn when I tear up to the sleeves. I've also learned that I have to tear the strips one half inch or less - any wider is impossible. The half inch strips curl so no raw edges show and they hook like an 8."

Alice says: "In England they use all kinds of things to hook with ~ 'jerseys' being one of them and I assume that's a t-shirt. I applaud your efforts, though!! I like using sweaters ~ that works really well!"

Julie remarks: "A significant amount of hookers in Newfoundland use tee shirts and sweatshirt material and seemed to have no problems. I haven't tried it yet but Anne Kirby provided me with these instructions. "It doesn't fray if you cut it with the grain. I have never had trouble with any of it... You need to cut a t-shirt, for instance, from the bottom up to the arm area and continue to cut this way. If you cut fleece along the bottom, it will curl up and thus, is not suitable.'"

Anne writes: "Hi April, Sorry to hear you didn't have any luck with the shirts and seemed as though you were ready to eat the material...LOL!!!
I use a lot of t-shirt materials and have to say, I do not have any problem with using it. As a matter of fact, I love it. I don't know if you have seen some of my work but if you had some time you could visit my blog and see some of the mats I have done and trust me, there is lots of t-shirt material involved there. I am going to post a couple pics. today of the size that I use and hope that you can appreciate it. I'm sure you won't use it again but I bought nearly three hundred dollars worth of tie dye t-shirts on e-bay a while back and love that for the sky and sea...."

Anne has posted pictures on her blog showing how she does it. If you scroll down Anne's blog, you will see some wonderful rugs where she has incorporated tees as her hooking material. THANKS ANNE! Maybe I'll try tie-dye tees sometime. If I can get the material to work, tie-dye sounds like fun!...or I could try tie-dyeing wool...

Vickey says, "I've had trouble hooking my Here Be Dragons t-shirt welcome mat project. It's 1/8 from being finished and I really didn't like doing it. I did it on rug warp because I wanted a washable rug--maybe monk's would have been better. If I do another t-shirt one I'll try the vertical cuts instead of the across ones and see if that helps."