White Tiger Beauty: Second Evening

His face is developing. I continued hooking per my last post description. I moved down into the bridge of the nose with a combination of mediums, including over dyed textures, and a few random lights.

I decided to give pointillism a try after reading about it in an abstract art book. I learned from that reading yesterday that neo-impressionists painted by distributing dots of paint around the canvas and when you stand back from the painting you will see a form emerge.

So I gave it a try on Beauty's nose because I am in an area of coat that is varied in value, like salt and pepper. If I feel it is successful overall and don't reverse hook, I will use pointillism in the cheeks and ears too.

How to do it? I hooked vertically down the bridge of his nose in random descent. I didn't hook a straight or a curved line, but bounced around. This means that the back of the piece looks bad because there are crossovers. But it is the result of the pointillism technique and can't be avoided.