Progress report on White Tiger Beauty: Evenings 3 and 4

Just a quick post showing progress on White Tiger Beauty. I hooked the side of his face using the same technique of light and dark values (no mediums). When I got to the edge where the black fur meets the white and is longer and fuzzier, I did some pointillism.

The fourth evening I worked on the top of his head (mediums) and his ear which I did completely with pointillism.

When I hook the second ear, I will try to take photos of the process I'm developing to show how I am achieving the pointillism look.

I got the idea to try this in the fuzzy fur areas when I was reading about abstract art this past weekend. Abstract art comes out of a period following the neo-impressionists who used dots of color to create impressions of the objects they were painting like this one painted by Seurat. I figured that if I randomly hooked my values in an area, it might work similarly.