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Wendie and Jennifer asked me to provide more information about my journey over to because they too are thinking about moving their blogs to a web platform. So here is my two cents for what it is worth.

Blogger is not working because it will not allow static web pages to store information. I made an adjustment to the html code to provide temporary static-like pages and a menu bar, but it is cumbersome and I can't format it to appear like I would like. (I haven't checked out which I am told is different) allows for pages and tabs, but these are not actually static web pages. It is little better than what I have been able to create in my html on Blogger. Moreover unless you can find a template with everything set the way you like it you have to go into the CSS code and change things, and the only way you can do this is to pay $14 a year. Once you pay, they open up the CSS code for you to adjust. But if you want to do more than alter colors which amounts to changing some numbers in the code, you need to know what you are doing. Which means that you need to spend time reading books and attending seminars, which Wordpress does provide. If you want a real website, then you need to go out and get a web site host and attach your Wordpress blog to it. I tried this and could not figure out how to get the blog to appear like the web site. In other words, it was not clear to me how to integrate the blog and web site. And you have to pay annually for your web site host and these aren't cheap.

After several days and much frustration, I abandoned That is when I found It is exactly what I wanted. I had complained daily to my husband...why can't these companies provide us with an integrated web site and blog that we can create ourselves by clicking on colors and font styles and dragging around elements on the page until we are satisfied with our creation? So I was delighted when I found which is exactly what you do. I signed up for a 14-day trial, and have imported my blog with no problems, put up my archives, my tags, created several cool static pages, created a fantastic banner, etc. What is best of all is that provides Support Tickets. I can send in a question and within two minutes a real person responds with a real answer that fixes the problem or answers my query. It is unbelievable customer service. If you are considering making a similar move, I highly recommend taking them up on their 14-day free trial and play around with your own web site, and get your blog imported (it won't effect your Blogger blog which will stay put until you delete it) and see what it looks like in different templates.

So my decision has been made. Tomorrow I buy in. The basic package is $8 a month. But I am going for the $14 a month package because then I can obtain a unique URL and get enough space for all the great photos I plan to upload in my rug gallery.