Checking in...

I've been spending most of my rug time lately on creating the new web site which, when I get access to my domain name and can transfer it in a couple of months, will be Can't wait. I'm having fun creating neat web pages and folders for all the instructional material. But it is time-consuming.

I have made progress on White Tiger Beauty. Finished his nose and snout which was tough going...more on that when I post a picture of the hopefully finished piece soon.

I also have to go across the street and buy a mug and hook my mug mat for the Stash Sisters mug and mat exchange a week from Saturday.

Also I promise to take photos soon of the needle felting process to share with those of you who have never tried it but would like to. I found it very simple and very pleasant...and no poked fingers or blood! There is a trick that T.J. showed is all in how you hold your hand.