Remodel progress: Day 1

The contractor has come in and started the demolition.  It has been almost three months since the pipe burst under my kitchen sink and my life changed.  The thing to go first?  The warped bamboo floor.  The workers spent the entire day with crowbars and hammers, tearing out a floor that was REALLY glued down.  But they did it.  My downstairs toilet is in the middle of my living room.  And the sawdust has kicked up my allergies in a bad way.  But progress is being made on Day 1.

In the afternoon, I retreated to our one room upstairs where I have set up my hooking chair.  I worked on Alex in Pop Color, hooking a substantial part of the wide color wheel border.

The other feat: I am making headway in my garage which means I can see my dye pots again.  I hope to clear enough of the debris away to be able to get them cooking again.  Maybe Sunday?