No rug hooking, but kitchen cabinets are done

So my house is still too much a construction zone for me to get out my hooking.  Today all three toilets were removed.  As I type this, the downstairs bath has had its toilet put back in, but the two in the upstairs bathrooms await more tile.

I have been tearing apart my kitchen cabinets - 24 doors and 12 drawers - removing the old hardware, sanding, repainting with oil-based paint which I hate to use but I had no choice since that is what they were originally painted with, and remounting.  It took me over a week to do this.  My recommendation if you are thinking about doing this in your home.  Keep your hinges.  Clean them or repaint them.  Don't try to replace them because if you do you will have a mess on your hands.  Guard the little screws with your life.  New hinges are junk and expensive - 2 per door - and they don't fit old doors because the depth of new door wood is thinner to keep cabinets cheaper.

I did find great new handles though - in bulk on ebay at a great price.

Celebrate with me - at least my cabinet doors are done, mainly because I did them myself (smile!) - the rest of the house is still in progress.