ATHA Newsletter for October

I just received my ATHA Newsletter for October.  My second article in the series "Got Wool? Alternative Fabrics" appears on p. 43.  The subject?  "What is it like to hook with velvet?".

There are many fine articles in the magazine, including a number from ruggers in Texas.  Congratulations to Melinda Smith who wrote about her beautiful rug Open Heart which I have had the pleasure of watching unfold and seeing in person.  It is a gorgeous rug that emerged out of a powerful dream Melinda had experienced.  See "Open Heart," pp. 20-21. 

Tj Johnmartin, a fellow Stash Sister, has a feature on her rug Scaredy Cat which she hooked during her family's evacuation a recent hurricane.  Once the ordeal was over, she had a new rug for Halloween to grace her door.  See "Scaredy Cat" pp. 18-19.

Tricia Travis, of Country Gatherings in San Antonio, has a great feature on hooking turkey rugs.  See the spread on pp. 24-26.

Bea Brock, of Hill Country Rug Works, has another dyeing article in her recent series, this one on value dyeing.  See pp. 36-38.

Congratulations to the other Texan ruggers whom I have not yet met: Cindi McCullough and Teena Mills, who also had great rugs featured.