Baptism by Fire finished

I finished hooking and binding Baptism by Fire this week.  It is 18" by 46".  The entire surface of the rug is waffled with four analogous colors in 8-values each: McIntosh Million 101; Finnigan Flame 102; Jacky Lantern 103; Somerset Sunset 104. 

There was no drawn design.  To create this original abstract, I simply concentrated on values, hooking similar values downward, with my waffling technique.  To waffle, I work downwards, hooking a few loops and then jumping over and hooking a few more loops, skipping some loops along the way.  I then continue with another color/value and build downwards, hooking a few loops and skipping one or two, jumping over a bit and hooking down some more.  Then I go back in and keep filling in until the area is thoroughly hooked.  I move to the next area and do more of the same.

I have envisioned this for many years, and although I tried desperately to acheive it in paint, I was not able to do so until I turned to try it in wool.