2010 Retrospect

I had a detailed retrospect written, but something happened that deleted it all.  So here is a shortened version, just a view of the rugs I hooked this year and the book I published on Palette dyeing.  There is more information about each of these rugs in my Rug Gallery (see menu bar above).  I was greatly inspired and supported by the members of the Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge and the Abstract Rug Challenge, both hosted by Rug Hooking Daily.  I also have fallen in love with ATCs and hooked several sets of them late this year and swapped them with the members of the ATC Swap group on Rug Hooking Daily, and those other hookers who showed up for the ATC swap at Sauder Village this year.  Because of the flood and repair in our home this year, I wasn't able to launch the webpage to purchase my Palette wools, but that will happen in the new year, I promise.