Exposing the back

Gayle asked me to post a picture of the back of the areas I had pearled and waffled to show better how I did this. In both cases, I hook all the white (or light) wool. Then I go back in with deeper and deeper values, hooking between the white. As you will see from these pictures, I would never pass the grade on my back because these areas are not smooth and flat. But the only way to achieve the pointillism effect on the front is to sacrifice the rules for the back.

The pearled area is the nose. It has many more crossovers because I am jumping around more only laying the wool in one or two holes adjacent to each other. I stagger a lot. I work in the direction I would normally hook the area (contour of face, around the ear, linearly, etc.).

The waffled area is the beard. It has less crossovers because I am working by filling a greater number of holes adjacent to each other, although still jumping around. I still stagger, but less frequently.