Guess who's hooking?

My husband Wade! A couple of weeks ago, Wade asked me to teach him how to rug hook. So we drove out to Jan's (My Little House Rugs in Katy) and bought him a Nancy Miller pencil hook (not pictured - the ball handle didn't work out), put some linen on my old frame, got out some worms, and he was off...and in a couple of days he had drawn an image of Suzanne Vega (folk singer) on linen to start hooking his first rug.

Wade has taken a number of photos from concerts we have attended, and his plan is to make a series of rugs from these photos as memory rugs. He has already hooked Suzanne's face in yellows and golds and browns, but wants to complete more of the rug before posting a first pic of it. It is stunning, revealing what I have known for a long time. That Wade is an artist.