How do I get my rugs done?

I have been asked by many people how I get my rugs done since I work as full-time professor and have a six-year old and a husband. The truth is that I get my rugs done a little at a time and by multi-tasking. My mornings are too rushed getting ready for work and taking Alexander to school and then getting over to my office and prepared to walk into the classroom by 9am. So after I pick up Alexander from school in the afternoon, I will sometimes throw on some dye pots while the both of us unwind from the day and Alexander does his homework (yes, homework in kindergarten!). I might get to hook for ten or fifteen minutes after I have prepared dinner and am waiting for Wade to get home. After Alexander gets to bed, I usually get an hour or so to rug hook before bed. In the morning I throw the dyed wool into the washer, and then when I get home from school into the dryer. So my art happens between everything else. And it supports everything else. It is PLAYTIME for me.