Making progress

I have been working on the abstract, Baptism by Fire. It is coming along, now measuring 17" across and 12" high. The size doesn't show well in this picture, but the piece is becoming more powerful the bigger it gets.

I am having fun hooking it, although it is much more challenging than it looks. Being conscious of color and movement of line without a drawn form takes some time to get used to. I have done quite a bit of reverse hooking already, and it took about a week to figure out what I am doing.

But hooking this abstract is also liberating, hooking with a certain randomness is a pleasurable experience. I find myself immersed in the color of what I am hooking, and the color seems to be unfolding in the piece emotionally, as I feel so moved to hook a certain strand of red or orange or yellow. I like hooking the darks the best. I feel a sense of richness and deepness when I hook them into the piece and the light values are supported by them, almost dancing in their depth.