My Ten-Minute project for the second season of the challenge

Now that the second season of the TEN-MINUTE CHALLENGE has started, I thought it might be a great motivation to those of us who have (many?!) UFOs taking up space in our closets and under our beds to encourage us to finish one of them in the second season (by July 31st). I've put up a special discussion forum for it on the RHD group site, and I invite any challenger to post the UFO you would like to finish, and then the finished project. If you don't have a UFO (how lucky you are!) or don't want to finish one in this second season, than just keep working and logging your time as you have been doing.

Here is mine. It is a huge rug (I forget the actual dimensions) and I call it the C.H. Moore rug because I used to hook on it while I was demonstrating on the lawn of the C.H. Moore Historical Mansion in Clinton, Illinois when I lived there years ago.

This UFO is taking up space in my closet that I could be using for other things. It is in a huge plastic box and the lid is broken because it has been banged around from here to there so often. I am tired of seeing the box and I am tired of dragging it around.

The rug was intended for my dining room. It is hooked with all recycled wool that I overdyed. I designed the rug because I wanted to try my hand hooking an oriental. I had no idea how utterly bored I would become hooking the repetitive patterns and limited colors. So I stuffed it away in the box and tried to forget it was there.

I need to come up with a creative way to get this rug finished. I have my thinking cap on. Some of my reading about abstract art (for the 2010 ABSTRACT ART CHALLENGE, also on RHD) has given me some ideas. So stay tuned...