Rules for the Second Season Drawings

The SECOND SEASON of the challenge runs February 1-July 31st 2010. A UFO sub-challenge is in place (finish one UFO). These are the rules for the drawings for the second season of prizes. "Finished" project means completely finished: bound, made into a purse or doll, mounted as picture, etc. For fairness of voting, please post finished UFOs in the UFO forum, not the monthly finished rug forums.

1. Everyone on the "official" challengers list will be put in the drawing for the Grand Prize.

2. To increase your odds for winning the Grand prize (pocket pack), for every finished project posted with picture in one of the six month forums on RHD (Feb, March, April, May, June, and/or July 2010), your name will go into the hat again. So if you finish one project, your name goes in the hat once. If you finish eight projects, your name goes in the hat eight times. Size doesn't matter.

3. UFO sub-challenge prize (another pocket pack) will be drawn from the names of those who post finished UFOs in the UFO forum above (Feb-July 2010). Before and after picture is required. Same rules for drawing apply. If you finish and post two finished UFOs, then your name goes in the hat twice. Three finished UFOs, three chances to win.

If you are joining the challenge, please email me your name so I can include on the official participants list, and then join the Ten-Minute Challenge group on Rug Hooking Daily.