Back to rug hooking

The academic conference was wonderful, but it is also wonderful to be back at home in the evenings. I have returned to my abstract, asking Wade to hold it up this way and that so I can see the way the light is hitting it and the movement of the shadows. So I spent this evening pulling out areas and adjusting, mainly removing some of the very light areas and the middle mediums, and replacing them with darker values. I have also decided that this will be one panel of a tetraglyph which I am going to call "Elements". I will hook the other three all the same size, all abstracts, but with different textures.

The red panel (FIRE) is an example of 'color penetration', where I am using four colors in all of their values in such a way that the colors penetrate each other. My plan is to set up the other panels to experiment with other types of abstract expression. I would like one to play with 'color fields' (raw plains of color) and another to work out 'color bands' (linear bands of color). I haven't figured out the fourth panel yet. But I know it will come to me as I make my way along this abstract road.