Red Jack Palette Wool drawing

Congratulations to Ginger from Primitives by the Light of the Moon and Phyllis of Rug Hooker! Both of you have won a packet of Red Jack Rugs Palette Wool. This give-away was drawn from among the many responses I received last month about the packaging of my Palette wools. I received very good feed back from all of you, which I have used to create my wool packs. Each pack contains a full quarter yard of wool, in eight pieces approximately 3" by 16", ready to cut into strips.

When I am finished creating my dyes, I will have a complete color wheel available and every mixture of the 12 colors on the wheel possible, for a total of 53 colors each available in 8 different values. This is a totally new concept in rug hooking: to have a complete set of 'kinship' wools all made from three original formulas (my own red, yellow, blue dyes).

I decided to approach my rug hooking as if I were a painter. I started with my three primary dye formulas. I blended the three to create the twelve colors on the color wheel, then I mixed each of the twelve colors with each other to create a full palette of 53 related colors, just as if I were a painter squirting paints on my palette board and mixing them together.

I have packaged them in 8-Value Packs; Single Value Packs; Medium Value Packs; Primitive Packs; Texture Packs; and Dapple Packs. So I have been doing more dyeing and packaging than rug hooking lately. I am trying to put together complete information about my Palette wools for my new website Red Jack Rugs which I hope to have up and running by June 3, the first anniversary celebration of my rug blog.

Here is an example of a slide I put together about one of my colors (Michigan Agate) and the packs that will be available.

When I get all my colors into this slide format, I will put them up on my new website and make an announcement on my blog here that they will be available for purchase. Packs will be $15 each.