Five more wools

From right to left: Nightshade Berry 160; Tanglewood 148; Fiddlehead 164; Ring 'O Rosie 161; Briar Rose 159. Phew!

I'm coming down the home track with my colors - only 7 more to go. It looks like when I make all the mixtures on the color wheel, I will end up with 68 colors in 8 values each, making 544 color options! There are vibrant colors, subdued colors, primitive colors, country colors, modern colors, all the result of various combinations of my three main dye formulas. I am so excited that this experiment is working out so well. And that it is a simple process no more difficult than mixing paints on a palette.

In the meantime I have discovered that the colors are falling into twelve color families, which will take the guessing out color planning for my rugs! I can't wait to continue hooking my palette rugs - the Kirby Hooking Circle's Celestial Challenge will be my next.