3 new colors

Sorry I haven't been posting much the last few days. But I have been dealing with a broken air conditioner and the knowledge that the whole heating and cooling system in our home needs to be replaced. So I have been spending time getting estimates and settled on Sears after having a home consultant come out yesterday. I have been dyeing in between estimates, since the mornings have been especially nice here in Houston. I have flung open my doors and let in the cool morning air while my dye pots have been simmering on the stove. I have three more colors to post today, and two more in the pot. I don't know if I will dye more today or tomorrow because I have to finish my final grading by Friday. At the moment, I have 41 of my 54 kinship palette colors created.

Pictured here (bottom to top): Fruited Raisin 151 (blue-green and purple-red), Conch Shell 142 (yellow-green and purple), and Black Orchid 146 (red-orange and blue).