My new dye kitchen

With all this dyeing, I am tired of having pots of wool simmering on my stove top and my crock pot on my counter top. My kitchen feels like a mess all the time, and trying to get dinner put together around all the canners has become more than inconvenient.

My solution? I don't have a big home, so there is no room for an extra kitchen. Since I live in the center of Houston in a townhouse, there is no place to build a suitable space. So yesterday I took a corner in my garage, bought two electric hot places, and set up my dye shop. It isn't elegant, but it works. I was out there this morning and Wade dropped by to take a picture.

It is hot here in Houston and my new AC is being installed, so it felt good to be in the cool garage with the hot pots. I also love the fact that none of the dyes steam and fumes are in my home anymore. And the best thing? My kitchen is free to be a kitchen again! And the AC is soon going to be turned on.