Dyeing on Mother's Day?!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

We are enjoying our AC. Good to have it back and better. We are thrilled that we have gone GREEN. Our AC, thanks to President Obama, will get us a $1500 tax credit this year because it is a 16 SEER energy efficient unit that doesn't use freon. So we aren't hurting the ozone anymore, and since our old unit was only a 10 SEER and thirty years old, we are going to be using about 1/2 the power to run heat and air. For those of you in the north (and I used to be one of you), AC in Houston is like heat in Michigan or Ontario. I always thought of AC as a not-so-necessary luxury because I never lived in a hot climate before until moving to Houston. Now I know different. A week without air in May is barely bearable. In July and August, well, heat exhaustion and heat stroke would be a serious threat.

My garage dye kitchen is working well. Four more colors produced this weekend: Spanish Moss 140; Mackinaw Lilac (MY FAVORITE SO FAR) 133; Pink Iris 134; and Rosehip (named by Alexander) 145.

I have also been working on creating Kinship Color Palette Collections, to take the guess work out of color planning for rugs. I'm having SO much fun.

I want to also mention that my sister Tiffany is on this same adventure with me. She is dyeing her entire palette too. It is great to compare notes daily, to see how our different primaries are effecting the color mixing process.

All of this I am working into a book called The Wool Palette which I hope to have available in hard cover and paperback by midsummer.