Boxes and boxes of wool

What have I been up to lately? Organizing the palette wool now that I have dyed all 69 colors in 8-gradations each. It was a chore figuring out how to organize and store the wool. Since my numbering system is arbitrary in terms of color, I found that I couldn't organize according to the dye numbers. I also found that changing dye numbers mid-stream is a bad idea. I tried it on a couple of dyes and ended up with jars of liquid dye in my cupboard that got mixed up and mislabeled because of it. I only found out after I dyed up material and lo and behold the wrong color emerged.

So I spent several hours viewing the wool and putting it into baskets that made sense in terms of color. Then I made little plastic signs and attached them to each basket so I know what is supposed to be in each basket.

I'm almost finished with Got Wool?, and will post a picture soon. Also been working on some surprises for the Kirby Midsummer Hook In on June 26th.