ATC Swap at Sauder Village

One of the highlights of the Sauder Village rug show was the ATC Swap I attended on Wednesday afternoon. What fun to meet other ruggers and to exchange 'shares' of our rugs with each other! There were seven of us exchanging. So here are the ATCs I received in the swap.

"Pitchers of flowers" #oook, hooked by Kim Dubay on August 10, 2010.

"Yellow Dog" #8, hooked by Teresa Heinze.

"Tex" (Lama), hooked by Judith Rippstein, August 2010.

"Sheep Button & Country" #7, hooked by Kathy Wright, 5-14-10.

"Spider Lily", hooked by Barbara Barton, 2010.

Hot pink abstract, hooked by Donna Lees Bleam.

Pink and green abstract, Nottingham Series 8/9, hooked by Tiffany DeConick, 8-17-10.

Here is a picture of the trading table. What a great time and great memories of looking through everyone's trading cards and swapping with each other!

ATCs are fun to make and swap. Rug Hooking Magazine is holding a swap. If you send in a ATC by September 15, you will get an ATC returned to you by October.

Also, we have an ATC Swap group on Rug Hooking Daily. Post a picture of your ATC by the first of each month, and an exchange with another rugger will be made by the 15th. It's easy.