Welcome to my new virtual rug studio!

I finally completed the internet move that I started to work on six months ago!  I am so glad that you have followed me over to my new online rug studio.  Due to the recent flood in my home, I have not put the Red Jack Palette Packs of wool up for sale yet.  But once I get the remodeling done and can find my wool and dyeing equipment again, I will put up a page of the 67 colors that can be ordered.  So watch the menu bar under Shop for Wool and Supplies.

I have duplicated my Followers badge which gives you a direct FREE subscription to my blog and all its resources.  Just click the join button in the sidebar.  Or if you prefer to subscribe using a reader, I have placed an RSS Subscription button below the Followers widget.  If you have my old blog on your own blogroll, I would appreciate it if you would update it with my new address since I won't be posting to the old address any longer: http://www.redjackrugs.com

Note my new Rug Blog Central in the sidebar.  If you scroll down and click VIEW ALL, you will view all the most recent posts conveniently in one document. 

Have fun looking around my new virtual rug studio as I celebrate my "virtual-rug-studio warming"!