Hooking by value

Some of you know that I am developing a hooking method that I call VIP hooking.  This stands for "value intense palette" hooking.  It is based on a concept in art used by painters that we really see things according to the lightness and darkness of the area painted.  The color itself doesn't really matter as much.  So I have been applying this to my rug hooking, working with four values: light, light-medium, dark-medium, and dark.  I separate my wools into these four groups and then I hook them in to my design accordingly. HERE IS A LINK to my webpage "What is VIP Rug Hooking" and also to "VIP Hooking Primer" where I explain this in more detail.  Both are under the pull down menu: "The Wool Palette."

Tonight I ran across a great website with lessons about painting with values.  What it has to say is totally applicable to rug hooking and I learned a lot going through the pages.  HERE IS THE LINK if you are interested. 

As for rugs and value.   Mediums are nice, but not alone.  They are better when hooked with other values.  If your rug isn't working, try a lighter value or a darker value near the mediums.  It will pop!