Ault blades to fit Townsend cutters

Sondra Ives just sent around an email from Mr. Ault.  Check out his blog post about his company creating a new cutter that will have cutter heads that will fit both his machine and the original Townsend cutters.  So this will give all of us more options.

He says:

We are working on the development of Ault's Wool Fabric Cutter. It looks similar to the Townsend but has several changes. The cutterhead we will manufacture is similar to the Townsend cutterhead but modified to fit our machine. It will also fit Townsend machines made before the company closed. We will produce cutterheads first and then the machine. Hope to be selling cutterheads before Christmas and machines shortly after that. Our cutterhead sizes will probably be 6, 8,8.5, 9, and -9.5.
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