When will my Palette wools be for sale?

Jacque has asked about the sale of my Palette wools.  When are they going to be available? Good question!

My plan had been to make them available at the beginning of September, but my life changed when my house flooded.  The situation is this: my furniture is in the garage stacked so that I cannot get to my dye equipment.  My kitchen is torn up.  I am in negotiation with the insurance company and a contractor.  As soon as that is sorted out, I can get the contractor in to remodel. 

So as soon as the remodel is done and I can find my way to the dye pots, I will put up a page under "Shop for wool, patterns and supplies".  Please keep in mind that when you order from me, it will be a special order.  I will be dyeing the wool as it is ordered.  I don't have a large back-stock of dyed wool yet mainly because I just created the Palette Dyeing process over the last 12 months, and I have sold a large portion of what I dyed at two Texas hook-ins. 

I am projecting a date in October.