Last day before the semester starts

I decided to stay home and enjoy my last day before the onslaught of the semester.  I brought home some reading which I am doing to prepare for my opening class tomorrow. And I am doing it while dyeing two batches of wool that I need to continue hooking All in the Family.  I have made some good progress on this rug, but as I work down the first and second columns (the Red Family and the Red-Orange Family), I have run out of some of my colors.  So I am cooking up Pink Iris 134 (right in photo) and Ellendale Orange 126 (left in photo). Each jar contains one strip of wool, one of the eight values of the colors.

I thought the dyes in the jars looked so pretty, almost citric and wintry, that I had to snap a picture.  The colors are making me think of oranges and grapefruit growing on the trees here in Texas.