My New Year's Goals

I am not one for making New Year's Resolutions, but I do find it useful to at the beginning of the year to assess where I have been and where I would like to go.  I like to set some achievable goal or goals for myself in terms of my art.  I stress the word "achievable" because I don't find it useful or healthy to set goals that are out of my reach.  So if I have a really BIG goal, I break it down into little pieces and just work on one of the pieces at a time.  It might take five years to achieve it, but as long as I am working on little aspects of it, I know it will get done.

So what are some of my art goals this year?  Last year I started with the goal of hooking one abstract art rug and learning what I could about abstract art by visiting museums and reading books.  I was able to achieve this goal.  But what is so much fun about it is that I discovered that I LOVE hooking abstracts and want to learn even more about abstract art, especially color fields and impressionism.  So I have three abstract projects I will be working on this year.  Alex in Pop Color which is already underway (see photo for one of the panels); the Kadinsky series of 6, which I am calling Hooked Point and Line to Plane, and which has two panels hooked already; and All in the Family, the big abstract that will consist of my 67 colors in all 8 values hooked in 12 color families, which is only in the planning stages.  I would like to experiment with color fields more this year and see if I can achieve anything close to a Rothko"ish" hooked piece.

The other thing I realized about my art year is that I LOVE rug hooking faces.  So I would like to design and hook one animal face this year (don't know which one yet), and a bigger widecut Santa face next Christmas.

My other art goal is to get my palette wool page up and running on my website.

Because so many have asked, we will continue the Abstract Rug Challenge with a new year (interested? join our group on Rug Hooking Daily), and of course the Ten-Minute Challenge which will begin its fourth 6-month season in February 2011 with a new subchallenge (also on Rug Hooking Daily).

What are some of your rug hooking goals this year?  Would love to hear about your dreams and aspirations.