Been dyeing

So work has been intense lately, with starting the new semester and writing and getting my seminar on death underway.  But while I was home cooking this weekend, I did manage to dye up two batches of wool so I can continue hooking All in the Family

I am on the third column which is the Orange color family.  In this column, I will be hooking the twelve colors on the wheel mixed with my orange dye (Jacky Lantern 103).  The first in the column will be Finnigan Flame 102, followed by Bittersweet Red 162, Jacky Lantern 103, Peter Pumpkin 163, Somerset Sunset 104, etc.  The dyed wools pictured here are Bittersweet Red 162 (top) and Somerset Sunset 104 (bottom).  I can't wait to get this column started after school today.