Revised version of The Wool Palette

I have gone ahead and revised my dye book, The Wool Palette.  When you click the sidebar image of the new cover, you will be taken to more information about how to order it.


I have corrected and amended the book wherever I have found errors in the first printing.  I have revised the method for creating the secondary and tertiary colors, by halving the dry dye recipes for the primary colors instead of doubling the water.  This makes for more consistent dyes overall and better results for the tertiary formula.  I have also switched from vinegar to citric acid, so I include directions for using citric acid in my dye process.

I decided to produce a revised edition of The Wool Palette in response to a question that several of my readers have posed to me.  "Can you suggest some dyes for me to start creating my own palette?" I have been asked.  "Yes, but I can do even better than that," is my response.  "I can provide you with easy recipes that will create a beautiful starter palette for you."  The recipes for this palette only require you to purchase six dyes, which amounts to less than $20. From them you can easily create all 67 colors around the wheel using the simple procedure outlined in this book.  If you wish to customize your own palette, you can still do this by adjusting the recipes I provide in this book, or creating your own recipes for a red formula, a blue formula, and a yellow formula from scratch.  The instructions for creating you own customized palette remain.  But now you also have the option of using starter recipes too!

For convenience's sake, I have included the Starter Palette recipes in a new reference guide at the end of the book. I also interspersed the Starter Palette recipes in the different lessons.  The recipes for the primary dyes (red, yellow, blue) are found in a big red box in Lesson 5: Creating Your Magic Primary Colors.  The recipes for the secondary dyes (orange, green, and purple) are found in Lesson 6: Creating Your Secondary Colors.  The recipes for the tertiary dyes (red-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue, blue-purple, and purple-red) are found in Lesson 7: Creating Your Tertiary Colors.  Watch for the boxes that include the recipes.

The reference guide at the end of the book is new.  As I myself used this book in my dye kitchen, I found myself constantly flipping through the pages to find this measurement chart and that formula chart.  I kept asking myself why I didn't reproduce these charts at the end of the book?  Wouldn't have that been handy?  So I have added a reference appendix, where I reproduce all twelve Starter Palette recipes, the measurement formulas for 8-value dyeing, and the measurement chart for dyeing yardage of a single color and value.

As an extra bonus, I have included photos of more rugs because I have been busy hooking since the first printing of The Wool Palette.