Squanto finished

Except for binding, Squanto is finished.  I will work on binding the mat tonight.  It will be around 12" by 13" when all is said and done.  I had planned a larger piece with more of his shirt and ornaments exposed. But once I hooked it, the focus of the picture changed to his ornamentation, rather than his face.  So I ripped out about 5" of hooking at the bottom, pulled out the dream-catcher circle in his hair, and worked to edit out all the details so that only his face, with all its gratitude, was left.

Hooking this piece again reminded me that less is better.  Period.
Rip out what I don't like.  Because just adding more hooking to what I already don't like isn't going to make me like it any better.
It is tough to hook a "monochromic" picture.  Now this really wasn't monochromic because I didn't use a single swatch of wool in one hue.  I used five different, yet closely related swatches to give the impression of a monochromic picture, while allowing me some freedom to cluster certain colors against others.
I also want to say that the background was really fun to do.  I just used up my scraps from the rest of the piece, trying to cluster color and values to get a soft out-of-focus landscape background effect.