Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge Continues!

Can you believe it?  Today starts the fourth 6-month season of the Ten-Minute Rug Hooking Challenge.  The 10-minute Sub-Challenge for the fourth season will be ANIMALS.

I will draw and post the winners of the third season in the categories of General Challengers and Holiday Sub-Challengers later this week.  I am waiting for some materials in the mail to create the prizes for the winners.

I continue to be enthused about this challenge, not because of its longevity, but because it WORKS!  I continue to be impressed and even amazed with how many rugs and hooked projects we are able to complete on just 10-minutes a day. This last six months, we posted pictures of 50 rugs!  You can view them on our Rug Hooking Daily site HERE.

Rug hooking has become so much a daily part of my life that it is routine for me now, but in a good way.  It is my few minutes a day to myself that I can relax and express myself with the right side of my brain.  It has become my time of meditation.

Alexander started applying the 10-minute concept to practicing his violin.  The result?  His last lesson was declared by his teacher to be a $500 lesson.  That's pretty good.

So I welcome those of you who haven't joined the Challenge to consider it, and those of you who have lapsed to consider recommitting, and those of you who are active challengers to try a project this season that is a little out of your comfort zone, something that you have been wanting to do but hesitating.  Stretch.  It is good for the muscles (smile!).

Please feel free to leave a comment sharing with us the progress you have made as a Challenger.  We love to hear your stories!

Where to join?  Where to post your rugs?  We have a group on Rug Hooking Daily.  Just click HERE.