Peter Cottontail Doll

I needed a quick project to hook for a few days while I rest from the big rug, All in the Family.  So I'm working on creating a new doll, this time one for Easter.  I hooked the front in two nights, and sewed quilt squares of wool together for the back and base.  I am going to whip the back onto the hooked front tonight, so I should have a doll to post tomorrow.  For now, here is a preview: the hooked front and the quilted back.

Or, I didn't have any course wool yarn or roving left to do his chest, so I spotted my selvage balls that I have sitting in a basket in my living room.  Would it work?  I tore up a few strips of the selvage to give them fluffy edges, then I dipped them in some tea I brewed, and threw them in the dryer.  The result?  When hooked it looks like bunny fur!  Who knew I was saving those selvages for Peter Cottontail.

I hooked a chain stitch on the edge of his coat to give it some extra texture.

I haven't had any luck finding an egg ornament for his hands.  Still working on that.

Wools I used:

8-Value packs: Milkweed 115; Violet Twilight 132; Crab Apple 135; Rosehip 145

Texture packs for coat: Jack Horner Plum 111; Rowan Raspberry 112

When I get the pattern put together, I'll post a note that it is available.  Also I know a promised a couple of you that I would get a pattern put together for Lady Sunset, so I will do that too!