Blush dyeing

I seem to run out of Blush Red 113 more than any other color.  I use it in everything, or least it seems that way.  It is an interesting color, a mix of red and green which are opposites on the color wheel.  Whenever we mix opposite colors on the color wheel, we get a neutral and alter the intensity of the color substantially.  In other words, this is red as dull and dark as it gets without adding black to the mix.  Anyway, I love it because it takes on a soft neutral look, while also picking up rosy tones.  I use it frequently when hooking skin color and animal fur.  So here is a new batch dyed up.

Photo top to bottom: 2 8-value packs; 1 single value fat quarter, value 6; 1 texture pack; 1 dapple pack.