Peter Cottontail Doll is finished

I am pleased with the way that Peter Cottontail turned out.  I made him as part of my whimsical doll series: tall and thin.  It is a little tricky to balance these dolls.  You have to stuff the top 2/3rds with light batting and then the bottom 1/3 with heavy stuffing beads.  This doll I backed with a quilt-like backing that I sewed from 3-inch squares of wool I had overdyed with the same colors in the hooked part of the doll.  I still need to find the right eggs or tiny basket for his hands.  But other than that, he is finished just in time for my Easter decorating. 

Wools I used:

8-Value packs: Milkweed 115; Violet Twilight 132; Crab Apple 135; Rosehip 145

Texture packs for coat: Jack Horner Plum 111; Rowan Raspberry 112