Winter storm that brought Houston to a halt

HISD schools and Rice University were cancelled today.  Actually they were closed last night due to the forecast that threatened us with ice and snow.  It is a very rare thing to have snow, even a flake, in Houston.  So there is really no equipment for salting down the roads or dealing with winter weather.  This week has been so cold that the power company put us all on rotation, shutting off our power for 30-minutes blocks, in order to conserve. 

So we were prepared for winter this morning.  But when we woke up and Alexander looked out the window, he cried for 10 minutes.  This is the winter storm that brought Houston to a stand still today.  A bit of ice on the cars and trees, and the fountains are frozen.  But no snow. 

But hey, I'm not complaining.   We got a snowday out of it.  So I've been dyeing up some reds and oranges in the garage.  And Wade has made a pot of chili for dinner and played chess with Alexander most of the day.