Is my rug getting smaller?

Or is Alexander getting bigger?!  My gosh it looks like he has grown inches since my last picture with this rug, only one row ago!

Progress report: finished the fifth row today, so I am now 5/12ths done, one row away from 1/2!  I am truly excited about the fifth row, because #5 is my yellow dye and the family it creates when mixed with all the other dyes on the color wheel. 

So this is the family where the greens really start to show because of the yellow blends with dyes containing blue, and the rug takes on a new dimension.  This drastic change will happen again when we get to my 9th row which is blue and its family.  This third primary will cause the rug to shift into purple tones because of the blue and red blends that will start happening at that point in the chart.

On to row 6, Yellow-Green.  I started this rug on January 5th, so I am two months into the project.  I need to pick up some speed to get this done by my projected date, June 1.