Alexander at Sauder

I spent the day yesterday dyeing a color I need to continue hooking All in the Family (Pixie Green 154).  Since I let my wools process overnight, this meant I had nothing to hook on in the meantime.  So I took the afternoon while my pots were simmering to design and draw onto foundation my next project.  Last summer while at Sauder, I took a picture of Alexander that I love.  Since I have been wanting to try my hand at hooking a wide-cut portrait I decided to use this picture of him.  After printing out the photo, I went across the street to Kinko's Fed Ex and enlarged it to 32" by 32".  It took me four hours to get it drawn onto my transfer fabric and then transferred onto my foundation.  But it was worth it.  Here is a photo of the results.  I can't wait to get started.