This portrait is challenging

I just wanted to update.  I have been hooking on Alexander at Sauder.  I have the eyes the way I want them, and this is always the hardest part for me, so I feel accomplished.  I have been working on the forehead and area around the left eye now, but it isn't right yet.  So I'm in that struggling stage of trying this and that color and value, laying the rug on the floor, contemplating it, taking it back to the stand, tearing out, hooking in something else.  So no pictures yet, because the piece doesn't warrant pictures yet.  This is the stage in my rug hooking that is at once creative and frustrating, as I try to get the initial feel of what the rug wants to become.  I am in that state of surrender to the rug as it is trying to emerge but isn't there yet.  I will be back working on it this afternoon after work while dinner is cooking.  I need to go back to the original photo and sit with it a while.